Photo credit: Noordung center

Herman Potočnik – Noordung – Center of Space Technologies is located at the strategic location in Vitanje. The architectural design of the center comes from a geostationary space station, a residential bicycle, described in 1928 in the book of Herman Potočnik Noordung. Within the Center, the local and regional and planetary activities take place: permanent and temporary exhibitions, study activities, conferences. a unique hall with its architectural design presents a unicum in Slovenia. The circular floor plan allows various layouts of equipment, organization and decorations of space for cultural, promotional, business events, conferences, study workshops, etc.

The center is located in the Rogla-Pohorje region, rich in both cultural and natural heritage. The architectural design of the center is contrasting but harmoniously located in the homelands and the hospitality of the southern slopes of Pohorje. The old center of Vitanje boasts the honorable past – the old city center and the market for the first time mention the sources already in 1306. In Vitanje you can also see the Beškovnikova’s granary and the Goslar’s studio Skaza.