Slovenia is this week full of happily wandering gourmets. Literally. Countless lovers of good food are traveling from one restaurant to another, some on foot, some with cars … In case of coming from one restaurant in one city and going to another one in a different city, they take a car or bus or train; but when changing restaurants in one city, then lots of them just do it on foot.

105 Shades of Spring

We are talking about the Restaurant Week which promotes top-class Slovenian cuisine through the best Slovenian restaurants and chefs. The Week happens twice a year – in Spring and in Autumn – and within 10 days the restaurants present their knowledge in three courses. This way, the lovers of supreme gastronomy can get acquainted with Slovenian top-notch cuisine which is not necessarily expensive and elitist. This year, 105 restaurants are included, thus the title of this week is the 105 Shades of Spring.

The City of Maribor is one of the cities on the list of the Restaurant Week. This Styrian city is renowned for its superb restaurants and rich wine tradition. In the Restaurant Week, that has started on the 29th of March and is on until this coming Sunday of the 7th of April, nine of the Maribor’s restaurants are included. Any business or congress guest in Maribor is up for some really nice gourmet retreat, but if missing this culinary walk now, no worries, there will be another one again in October!

Gostilna Maribor

Restavracija Mak

Restavracija City Terasa

Restavracija Sedem


Restavracija Rožmarin

Gostilna Pri Lešniku


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