Photo credit: Austropapier / Paper&Biorefinery 2018

The organisers aim to provide a platform for future-oriented impulses and offer the participants renowned speakers, different perspectives and valuable insights. An interesting trade show and pleasant social events round off our conference perfectly.

This year the conference’s main topic is “Circular Bioeconomy. Being the forerunner!” –  a special thematic focus highlighting how circular processes help us to make a comprehensive and prudent use of resources as possible:

We close the loops...

In a perfect circular economy, nothing is thrown away or wasted. The paper and pulp industry is already pursuing this goal for decades with great commitment and success. In addition to maximum energy efficiency and extensive recycling, our sector is characterised above all by the extremely effective use of the sustainable resource wood. By exploring and implementing novel biorefinery processes, the sector succeed step by step in expanding and closing loops. For that reason the pulp and paper industry is also recognised as one of the leading industry sector on the way towards a circular bioeconomy.

... and lead the way!

Whether it involves wood, water or energy: If it concerns the sustainable use of valuable resources, our industry is rightly seen as a forerunner.  But even as pioneers, we are challenged to find and develop further potential to increase the added value in our sector. Under the “loop concept”, we will move in circles in the best possible sense of the word. This in turn requires in particular drive and momentum – in every fibre of our sector.

Photo credit: Austropapier / Paper&Biorefinery 2018

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