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The month of May is coming to an end and with it, hopefully, the rain too. Maybe this weekend which starts tomorrow and also announces the beginning of the month of June, will take care of a better weather forecast in the upcoming months. Particularly for the city of Maribor is in the first two days of June hosting the 29th Sports Weekend Maribor (Športni vikend Maribor) which will provide the locals as well as foreign visitors, including congress and business guests to the capital of Slovenian Styria, with abundance of sports activities and events to lift up the spirits and maybe to even get the Sun to shine for as long as it gets.

maribor_sailing_drava Petrej

Photo credit: / Marko Petrej

As already its amazing consecutive 29th edition proves, the Sports Weekend Maribor is a real traditional event of the 2nd largest Slovenian city. Organised by the Sports Association of Maribor (Športna zveza Maribor), the two-day event will also this year provide diverse sports activities on numerous locations around the city. Attendees will be able to choose between hiking, athletics, sport flying, horseback riding, sailing, rowing, and even rugby, to name the few. Sports events and activities that will be available every day more or less constantly from 8am to 6pm, will be accompanied by concerts and other entertaining programmes.

maribor_pohorje_hiking Pivka

Photo credit: / Jurij Pivka

The Sports Weekend Maribor is just another of the sporty characteristics of the city. Firstly, Maribor was in 2018 named the European City of Sport; secondly, Maribor is home to the Sports Spring Festival, the festival of sport and entertainment; thirdly, Maribor is well-renowned for its extraordinary access to nature; fourthly, next to the rich natural scenery stretching from urban to rural surroundings and offering countless opportunities for hiking, biking, adrenaline, and other sports activities, the city offers all the necessary infrastructure and conditions for conducting sport competitions and training camps for international athletes; and last, but not the least, for all these reasons, Maribor provides extensive sports activities all-year-round for all lovers of sports, thus, also for congress and business guests on a visit to this diverse, beautiful and healthy city.

Photo credits: Center, Dušan Vrban, Primož Gričar, Bananaway, Aleš Fevžer


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