Nedbalka Gallery
Photo credit: Nedbalka Gallery


The goal of the Nedbalka Gallery is to introduce to the wider public the amazing works of Slovak fine art from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. Although the gallery focuses mostly on paintings, the collection also includes sculpture and print works too. They present the works through both permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as monographs and exhibition catalogues. The gallery was founded in October 2012 as a private and non-profit organisation by art lovers and philanthropists P. Paško and A. Baroška.

Nedbalka Gallery
Photo credit: Nedbalka Gallery

The Nedbalka Gallery offers exclusive premises for rent in the city centre, including a unique backdrop for various events from receptions, lectures, seminars, conferences, concerts and press conferences all the way to photo and commercial shootings. The ground floor has an area of 176 square metres, with capacity for 150 people standing and 100 people seated. The Gallery Cafe has an area of 47 square metres (main room) and an additional 21 square metres (lounge), with seating capacity for 25 people and standing capacity for 50 people. In the past, they have hosted numerous events linked to the art – one of their special events was hosted by the world-renowned brand Chanel.


The gallery displays artworks of Slovak modern art and therefore the whole concept is linked to localism, making it an important part of Slovak history. When hosting an event at Nedbalka make sure to reserve a guided tour with one of their custodians to discuss the artworks exhibited at the gallery.

Gallery Nedbalka
Photo credit: Gallery Nedbalka


The façade of the Nedbalka Gallery building conceals an impressive interior, with the structure resembling the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Photo: Gallery Nedbalka

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