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From June and all the way to the end of the month of October, foreign visitors to the second largest Slovenian city, Maribor, can take a guided tour of this beautiful city set by the river Drava on Fridays and Saturdays. What makes the tours extra special, are the visits to its unique urban places.

Friday and Saturday tours of Maribor provide to any business or congress guest to Maribor an opportunity to explore the city’s true character through a rich experience of historical stories, tourist offer, and lively beat of the city’s streets and squares. For cherry on top, the tours take to one of the numerous contributors to the city’s urban heart – from museums and galleries, to the oldest Vine in the World, and all the way to diverse craft workshops and vendors with unique products. On Fridays the tours start at 11.00 and on Saturdays at 16.00h. A must-do urban activity when on a business or congress trip to the rising congress destination.

Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si/Jure Brložnik
Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si / Bogdan Zelnik

The Old Vine House’s front is home to the vine, a protected natural monument, that is the Guinness record holder for the Oldest Vine in the Word still bearing grapes.

Dates: 23. 08., 14. 09., & 12. 10. 2019

Photo credit: Maribor Puppet Theatre / Boštjan Lah

Maribor Puppet Theatre’s home is set in the Minorite Church and Monastery that was designed already in the 13th Century. Maribor Puppet Theatre sets performances in both of the beautifully renovated buildings.

Dates: 24. 08., 07. 09., 05. 10. & 19. 10. 2019

Photo credit: www.e2rd.org

Stylish urban city centre cell, where dynamic and creative people of different profiles meet in relaxed atmosphere. Gallery unites a studio of unique jewellery design by E2RD and artistic exhibition space.

Dates: 30. 08., 20. 09. & 11. 10. 2019

The only Slovenian photo gallery. Its premises are in the Jewish Tower, the former defense tower of the medieval Maribor walls. On the three floors of the tower, and exhibition site provides a photo-documentary archive and a permanent collection.

Dates: 31. 08. 2019

Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si/Maja Sivec

Maribor Synagogue is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Central Europe and one of the most important monuments of Jewish culture in Slovenia. The six-hundred-years-old religious centre is today a cultural space for concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings and round tables.

Dates: 06.09.2019

Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si / Bojan Nedok

Gallery is intended for anyone who wants to market their unique and craft products of services. This way designers, authors and small craftsmen become more visible and their works get sold.

Dates: 13. 09. & 04. 10. 2019

Museum boasts interesting and extensive collections, and a particularly extensive photograph library containing many documentary photographs and negatives as well as much video and audio material, and 120 metres of World War II materials.

Dates: 21. 09. 2019

Photo credit: www.visitmaribor.si/Vladimir Tos

On display in the museum are a part of the private Bohanec collection of cameras, a review of the history of photography, as well as a gallery hosting Slovenian and foreign gems of photography.

Dates: 27. 09. 2019

MARS explores, introduces and demonstrates new approaches to share knowledge with wider community expressiveness, creativity and social skills with an emphasis on the attitude towards cultural, artistic and scientific activities by ecologically oriented techniques and methods.

Dates: 28. 09. & 26. 10. 2019

Craft Beer shop with all of the Slovenian craft beers that are available on the market.

Dates: 18. 10. 2019