Photo credit: www.extremefood.cz

Once a year, the world of unconventional foods from all over the world, gathers up at the Extreme Food Festival, that travels from city to city, and spreads the horizons of “what is normal”. This year the festival will travel through four cities: Brno, Bratislava (17thAugust),  Olomouc and Ostrava (26thOctober).

Photo credit: www.extremefood.cz

For everyone who wants to expand their menus with something exotic, and something they never thought it could be a meal, this festival is a must. Stalls with exotic foods will be there ready for a degustation of new tastes. travel lectures will be organized for the guests to learn something new and to realize that the world and the habits of the people from other continents, are far beyond what we think is “normal”.

The highlight of the Festival is the Competition in drinking chilli beer, and consuming extreme food or special extreme menu.

Photo credit: www.extremefood.cz
Photo credit: www.extremefood.cz

Extreme Bratislava Programe 2019

  • 10:00 Opening the gate
  • 11:00 Workshop walking on glass with Barefoot hiking
  • 11:00 Travel stage – Daniel Grega – Traveling from Asia to America
  • 11:30 Dance performance – belly dance
  • 12:00 Competition – eating stinking food – surstromming
  • 12:30 Glass Workshop with Barefoot Hiking
  • 13:00 Travel stage – Boris Ješko – Patagonia
  • 13:15 Concert
  • 13:30 Competition – eating worms with Chinese sticks on time
  • 14:00 Travel stage – Viktor Wix Baláž – Indonesia
  • 14:30 Dance performance – belly dance
  • 15:00 An example of Taiwanese tea making style with a literary tearoom
  • 15:00 Travel stage – Matej Cerulik – Shamanska culture in remote parts of Nepal
  • 15:15 Competition – treat extrem food menu by Sokolíci
  • 15:30 Dance performance – belly dance
  • 15:45 Ax Throwing Competition
  • 16:00 Travel stage – Milan Vaclavik – Ugh, I would not eat
  • 16:30 Eating chili beer with a spoon
  • 18:00 End of the festival
Photo credit: www.extremefood.cz

Join the Extreme Food Festival and learn something new, taste something you have never tasted before, and have a walk across all five continents and realize that what you thought is normal and has far broader limits than you could think of.