Photo credit: www.industryeurope.com

Slovak group InoBat and U.S. energy tech firm Wildcat Discovery Technologies announced to build a 100 million euro automotive battery production line in Slovakia. The purpose is to gradually meet the future demand from central Europe’s carmakers. The construction of the 100MWh line, that will start in 2020, will be able to produce 1500 batteries annually, so the distribution can be expected to start in 2021. As the investors said, eventually the plan in to upgrade the line to 10 GWh in the long term, which would boost the capacity to 150,000 batteries.

Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary are among the world’s top car producing countries. The CEE’s prime geography locates it as a strategic hub between the East and West, having resulted in the establishment of over 20 OEMs, such as Jaguar Land Rover, PSA, Volkswagen, Audi, Fiat, Skoda, Porsche, KIA, BMW, etc., in just seven countries. This concentration over such a limited area has helped the entire supply chain ecosystem to burgeon  and transform the region into a fertile ground for the emergence of automotive-related innovations.

Slovakia is the world’s biggest per-capita car producer. This electric battery line will be the first in Slovakia, and will meet the needs of the car sector that is increasingly shifting to electric.


The goal of the European Union is to become one of the largest world marketers for electric vehicle batteries and for utility-scale energy storage. In response to the European Commission’s goal to reach technological and industrial autonomy in this field, InoBat aims to serve the European market with proprietary solutions.

Photo credit: www.electrive.com

The collaboration between InoBat and Wildcat Discovery Technologies is aimed to become the leader in the development of battery technology. The new production line will also create jobs and economic empowerment for the entire region in the future. This patented technology would serve for all producers of cars in Central and Eastern Europe and has the potential to launch a revolution in the production of accumulators for cars in the whole of Europe.

About InoBat: the company was founded in 2018 as a by-product of the regions strong manufacturing and industrial heritage.  The company had planned a pan-European battery excellence centre based in Slovakia for some time. The company was established to work in the fields of electro mobility, energy storage and hydrogen in Central and Eastern Europe involving the automotive, petrochemical and energy sectors. 

About Wildcat Discovery Technologies: among others their clients are also Samsung, Apple, BMW. The company develops technology combining high throughput experimentation (HTP) and artificial intelligence, and has previously worked with both – the automakers and the consumer electronics groups (also Toyota, Samsung Electronics etc). The cooperation will allow InoBat to utilise on Wildcat technology.

By: Ajda Borak