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Villa Angiolina - the Croatian Museum of Tourism

Villa Angiolina is the building that certainly marked the beginning of the tourist epoch in the history of Opatija, which was relatively large settlment with about 120 houses, clustered mainly around plots further away from the sea cost and chiefly oriented towards fishing and seafaing. With the arrival of Iginio Scarpa, a partician from Rijeka, and building of his summer house Angiolina (named after Scarpa’s then already deceased wife, originating from the Sartori family), Opatija opened her doors to a whole line of guests and passengers.

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Today, the building is the headquarters of the Croatian Museum of Tourism and offers you a range of options for memorable events or conferences, from ceremonial meetings to galas and cocktail parties that call for a touch of luxury.

The Angiolina Villa offers you an option of two rooms: a larger reception room (145m²) and a smaller space (55m²). Its elegant entrance hall offers an ideal venue for cocktail receptions, while its attractive interior is perfectly suited for luxury balls.

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