Photo credit: Ambrož

Maribor is not just the second largest Slovenian city, but it is also a home to the Oldest Vine in the world. The Guinness record holder for the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes is certified as being more than 400 years old. Growing at the front of the old town house properly called The Old Vine House, the Old Vine is also a protected natural monument of which the Maribor residents are immensely proud of.

To show their pride and gratitude for this natural phenomenon of the plant that brought the city a world-wide fame, the city and its residents annually prepare a long celebration through the Old Vine Festival which presents a gastronomic and cultural tribute to the Oldest Vine in the world. This year the festival started on the 13th of September. The festivities that combine wine, gastronomy, culture and entertainment will last until the 22nd of September.

Photo credit:, Domen Groegl

The main highlight of the festival is the 33rd Ceremonial Grape Harvest of the World’s Oldest Vine which will take place on the last day of the festival. The event every year attracts numerous Maribor citizens and visitors from abroad to the city’s oldest part, Lent, where the vine is growing. The yearly harvest of around 35 to 55 kg of grapes is made into wine and poured into 2.5 dl bottles that are used as a valuable protocol gift as only a hundred are filled every year. It is possible though to buy a business gift of a wine made from the Old Vine’s clones.

Photo credit: Matej Lozar

Another highlight worth mentioning during the Old Vine Festival is certainly tomorrow’s event in one of the five best restaurants in Slovenia – Mak Restaurant. The restaurant which has been repeatedly put at the top of the most important culinary maps of the world when it comes to fine dining in Slovenia and that is lead by an extraordinary chef who is receiving highly praised accolades for his work, David Vračko, will provide the lovers of good food a special treat. Chef will be making dishes from the leaves of the Oldest Vine in the World. Certainly a rare opportunity for a special treat worth checking out for any business or congress guest staying in the beautiful city by the Drava River. The detailed programme of the festival can be seen here.