Sofia, Bulgaria

Roads from all parts of the world meet in Sofia

Q: In your opinion, what makes Sofia special?

With 7000-years of history, Sofia is one of the oldest towns in Europe. During its existence, Bulgaria’s capital city has embraced many cultures. Thracians, Romans, Ottomans and Slav People have left their mark, making Sofia an interesting blend of architecture and spirit.

Roads from all parts of the world have been meeting here – peoples have come and gone, civilizations have advanced and declined, but the city has remained.

Sofia is perhaps the only city in Europe that has places of worship of four different major religions located so close to each other. Right in the city centre, you can visit an Orthodox church Saint Nedelya, a mosque Banya Bashi, a Catholic cathedral Saint Joseph and a synagogue Sofia Synagogue. These buildings form a square called the Square of Religious Tolerance.

Sofia is the only European capital city providing great hiking and skiing opportunities just 20 minutes away from the city centre.
The interest is growing and I’m sure it won’t take a long time Sofia to be recognized as a destination that everyone wants to visit.

Ivaylo Kozhuharov, General Manager, Hotel Expo Sofia

you will not be bored in Sofia

Q: Where would you take someone to “feel” the vibe of Sofia and what is your best incentive idea in Sofia?

Sofia can be an unforgettable adventure for everyone. Regardless of the occasion of the visit, you can start your walk with the historic treasures. The city centre lets the visitors uncover Bulgaria’s diverse layers of history – Roman ruins, Soviet architecture, a variety of religious and cultural influences. You can start your exploration by visiting one of the world’s biggest Orthodox churches and a major Bulgarian symbol – the stunning neo-Byzantine Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, The National Museum of History and etc.

Your stay in Sofia cannot be complete without trying the tasty Balkan Cuisine, which is a great of hearty Balkan food with a pinch of Mediterranean and Arabic flavours. Long years of tradition in winemaking are a good reason to try Bulgarian wine.

If we talk about incentive ideas, you will not be bored in Sofia.  There are really a lot of incentive possibilities like Green Sightseeing of Sofia with bikes, dinner in the sky, retro tram ride, historical heritage photo challenge or hiking escape to nature at Vitosha Mountain – just 20 minutes from the city centre.


Q: What do you see as crucial marketing elements to lure meeting planners?

People are always trying to find something unexpected. If I need to describe Sofia with just a few words – it is an unexplored destination, very easily reachable, really friendly and the most important thing in the last years – safe location.

An undoubtedly unique and new destination for great incentive programs. Its guests can take advantage of the city’s modern facilities that are complemented by the traditional local hospitality. Meeting spaces for up to 5000 delegates in one room, over 18 000 beds including international hotel brands and over 13 000 sq.m. exhibition spaces are available in Sofia. Last but not least Sofia is a MICE destination offering excellent value for money.

Q: What was the most important event in Sofia 2019 (MICE event)?

In the last two years, Sofia has been the host of many interesting international events. For example the European Webit Festival in May this year was visited by more than 15 000 delegates from 120 countries. The greatest test for us was the hosting of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, which was an excellent advertisement for the possibilities of the destination and I am sure the most important events are yet to come.

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