For one week, Baku lives and breathes F1

Baku, Azerbaijan is known as the home of “Street Fighters” and has been hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2016, making it the newest street circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. The Baku City Circuit is one of the most challenging tracks of the championship and also one of the most attractive, as drivers whiz past the tight bends in Baku’s old town and reach top speed along the Baku shoreline.

If you are a motorsport fan, heading to Baku for the F1 Grand Prix will be an exhilirating experience. The Icheri Sheher grandstand in the old town is one of the most popular spots to watch the race with dramatic overtakes happening inches from the mighty stone walls. At its tightest point, this section of track is just 7.6 metres wide and accoridng to the experts, that’s like threading the eye of a needle.


The track is located right in the heart of the city, passing both modern developments and iconic buildings. The paddock itself is located right in front of the breathtaking Government House of Baku. The most expensive seats to watch the race are located on JW Marriott’s terrace and in the hotel rooms of the Hilton hotel, but there are more affordable options as well.

Before you go, keep in mind that during the Grand Prix, the city will be packed and most of the roads will be closed for the race, so make sure you know which grandstand you want to watch the race from. Our best advice is to wake up early, have a walk around and find a spot you like before it gets too crowded.

“I think the circuit is really cool, it’s definitely as tight as it looks and has a lot of corners unlike any others on the calendar. There are a few interesting lines past the castle which adds to the toughness. It’s pretty unique and as I showed this morning some of the corners are pretty challenging and not that easy. Being a street circuit if you want to be quick you need to find the limit and get close to the walls.”

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull

Wow factorA loud, petrol-infused, adrenaline-packed experience
Incentive type  Adrenaline experience
Best time of the year 5-7 June, 2020
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Where to stay If you want to be close to the action, the best options are JW Marriott Absheron and Hilton Baku, but be prepared for quite a hefty price tag if you book too late.

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