Best Destinations For Introverts

Introverted travellers can find amazing opportunities to explore the world on their own terms, but there are also some challenges – like finding the time and space to recharge your batteries in busy hostels, trains and cities. But sometimes choosing the right destination can be the perfect way for an introverted traveller to ensure they make the most of their time on the road. analysed the best travel destinations for introverts, based on metrics like population, the number of small B&Bs or guesthouses, the number of parks and the cost of a meal when dining – happily – on your own.

Europe’s best places for introverts:

Stay in a glass igloo and watch the Northern lights in Finland – The Nordics are Europe’s best destinations for introverts, with Finland ranking highest as the 5th best destination in the world – offering a fusion of wild beauty and contemporary design.

Explore the mountains and beautiful fjords of Norway – Ranking 7th best on the list, Norway offers 252 parks and 16 people per square kilometre, with plenty of space to find solitude while exploring.

Have an outdoor spa day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – Iceland’s dramatic scenery makes for one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, and ranks 8th best. With only 3.4 people per square kilometre, Iceland is perfect for adventurous introverts.


Perhaps it’s unsurprising that the largest country came first on this list. With its endless expanse, travellers can explore the sparsely-populated country while soaking up its incredible history and culture. It also helps that nearly 66% of hotels are classed as small B&Bs or guesthouses, so you can have a nice private stay if you want some alone time after a long day of travel.

Canada is famous for its vast wilderness – the country has only four people per square kilometre. That means it won’t be hard to get away from it all if you are looking for a bit of space. Plus, the famously-friendly locals mean that even an introverted traveller may make a new friend or two.

Argentina is a perfect destination for anyone who likes to get out in nature, with over 258 parks, including the newest addition, Ibera National Park. Whether you’re keen to soak up culture in Buenos Aires or get out into the wilds of Patagonia.

While Australia may call to mind beach parties and surf schools, it’s easy enough to venture into the country’s vast wilderness and outback. If you prefer the company of wombats and kangaroos to people, there are plenty of places to find them. Australia boasts 192 parks and nearly 60% of its hotels are classed as small B&Bs or guesthouses, so getting away is achievable.

Finland is another spot famous for its outdoors, with a huge network of national parks with well-marked routes. Winter brings short days but magical experiences, while the beauty of summer will have everyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

While the top five may include enough inspiration, the rest of the top 10 includes New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Bolivia, and Namibia.

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