Did you know that the sport of polo has its roots in Azerbaijan?

The game of Chovgan (Çövkan), one of the precursors of polo, has been popular in Azerbaijan and Central Asia for centuries. It’s actually Azerbaijan’s national sport and a strong part of its cultural heritage. Equestrian sports were rare in Azerbaijan during the Soviet period, but after Azerbaijan gained independence, chovgan contests were held on a regualar basis.

There is no big difference between chovgan and polo. The only thing is the number of players: chovgan has five to six players in a team whereas polo has three or four. The game is played on a flat, grassy field by two competing teams of players mounted on Karabakh horses. The Karabakh horse is known for its strength, speed and endurance. The animal is of great cultural importance to the people of Azerbaijan.

Photo: www.azernews.az

The best way to get aquainted with the sport is by attending the  “Chovgan” game experience, where you will watch the game, try on the traditional costumes, get familiar with the equipment and try to score a goal.

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