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The Sopron region is one of Hungary’s historic wine regions – its winemaking traditions date back to the Ancient Roman times. Numerous wineries offer their amazing products here, they are mostly producing red wines. The region is famous for its exquisite Blaufränkisch – many consider Sopron to be the Hungarian capital of this wine that has a spicy character. Sopron’s vineyards cover about 1500 hectares; while the best soil for growing grapes is on the slopes of the Lajta hills around Lake Fertő.

Here’s a list of some excellent wineries you should visit:



Kurt Taschner owns today one of the leading wineries of this region. His winery is located on a hill overlooking the town. This area is named as the „Cross of Rest” where centuries ago the travellers and merchants made a short break before entering the city.



Linzer-Orosz is a young winery and has been operating under this name since 2018. It was founded by two families: Sámuel Linzer and Csaba Orosz and his brother Peter, the founders and owners of the winery, who have been running a winery since 2011. Sámuel Linzer comes from the famous poncichter family of Sopron, his ancestors dating back to the 15th century. They have been engaged in winemaking since the 20th century.



The Steigler Winery and its Wine Estate was founded by Mr.Bálint Lőrinczy, a descendant of the Török family with its centuries old roots in Sopron. The 21 hectare estate is located in the finest areas of the Sopron wine region; Steiger, Frettner and Spern-Steiner. The vineyards have undergone major developments, as well as a transition to organic cultivation for the last 3 years under the close supervision of Biokontroll.



TA small family hobby winery in the Sopron wine region with two hectares. In Kőszeg, where wineries have always been present, but no really big wineries have developed, the interconnection between people always played a very important role. The winery aims to keep the tradition alive. They mainly make red wines, which are aged in oak barrels before bottling. They await guests in a romantic setting next to their vineyards.

Wow factorTasting the wines of Sopron, generally regarded as among the best in Hungary.
Incentive type  Culinary experience
Best time of the year All year round
Location Sopron region, Hungary
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