Cankarjev dom project 2020

The 2020 project, based on Yuval Noah Harari’s works

Yuval Noah Harari has been one of the world’s bestselling authors in the last few years. The literature of this Israeli writer, thinker and philosopher provides an all-encompassing interpretation of our fragmented times. The 2020 project, premiered in Cankarjev dom and inspired by the works of Yuval Harari, seeks to depict the challenges of the near future by employing a complex and performative approach. Harari’s thoughts through performance, that focuses on human evolution and fate, build up dialogues, monologues, dance and music scenes that take the form of a scientific vaudeville. Directed by internationally acclaimed director Ivica Buljan and co-produced by Cankarjev dom, Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana and Ljubljana City Theatre, this highly anticipated theatre and dance performance is coming on the stage of the magnificent Gallus Hall on 24 January and will be on for a few months afterwards. Any congress guest to Cankarjev dom will be blown away by the large scale production.


Outdated loudspeakers, microphones and magnetic tapes, old classic theatre floodlights, slide and video projectors, old scenic elements, props and customes … The Vintage CD exhibition that will open on 9 January in the Grand Reception Hall pays tribute to unfogettable grand theatrical productions and conferences from the venue’s past. In addition to the exhibitid artefacts used in various shows, the spotlight will be focused on obsolete technology that enabled the making of these unparalleled creations.

Vintage CD exhibition Cankarjev dom
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As said in words of Director General of Cankarjev dom Uršula Cetinski: »Cankarjev dom has left a deep mark on the past four decades, influencing the life of our community, and enhancing our individual experiences with arts, as well as congress, social and protocol events. It served as the venue for pivotal moments in history that have radically affected both social order and our mode of living. Over the last forty years, Cankarjev dom has mirrored the entire world.« Vintaga CD exhibition brings an insight into the worlds in the backstage of that mirror.

All Strings Detached
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All Strings Detached Septet

Club CD, in the highest floor of the Cankarjev dom providing breathtaking views of Ljubljana for conference visitors, is renowned among music lovers for its special series of concerts called Cankar’s Tuesdays (Cankarjevi torki). The 2020 series will open on 14 January with a premier of a unique album. A female duo All Strings Detached that shook the Slovenian music scene a decade ago with its arrival, has since drawn on various genres. Critics call the duet to be unparalleled in articulating a singularly compelling musical vision. Their genius has been noticed also in many other music, literary and theatre works that bear the distinctive signature of the two artists. Their latest music project that includes five other acclaimed musicians is called to be one of the most intriguing music projects Slovenia will witness in 2020.