Photo Credit: Belgrade Beat


Visitors approaching the Nikola Tesla Airport are invariably attracted by the large glass-encased round structure that looks like a strange mushroom from outer space that has sprouted in the middle of Srem’s cultivated fields. Numerous military and civilian aircraft surround the mushroom – along with radars and other wonders of aviation technology – clearly indicating to visitors that they have arrived at an Aviation Museum.


The exhibition’s central section is taken up by the domestic Galeb, Jastreb and Orao jet aircraft – constructed at the Aviation and Technical Institute in Žarkovo and manufactured in the Soko and Utva factories. All of them made a name for themselves at international exhibitions and air shows. Included among the displays of domestic aircraft are a number of locally-designed gliders.

Continuing the tour of the exhibition, visitors can also see a number of aircraft and helicopters that are more familiar, as they were manufactured sometime in the 1950-1980 period. Perhaps the most interesting part of the latter section of the exhibition is parts of the US F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter bomber and the F-16, as well as an assortment of pilotless drones -all of which were shot down over Serbia during the 1999 Nato bombing campaign.


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