Slovenian Alpine Museum is no ordinary museum. It is an experience of Slovene mountaineering woven into one great mountain ascent. Those of you seeking adventure will surely want to test your skills and solve the Escape to the Bivouac game. But there is no need to embark on an adventure to find out more about the bivouac’s history and interior, and listen to or read the personal accounts of mountaineers from the legendary bivouac, known as No. 2. The famed view from its original location below the peak of Visoki Rokav will surely captivate you, as will the view from the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain. The museum offers a unique opportunity to take a virtual tour of Triglav’s summit and 30 other mountain tops around Slovenia.


The museum narrates the story of Slovene mountaineering, strongly associated with patriotism. It follows the development of Slovene organised mountaineering and first climbing aspirations, all the way to the modern-day world-famous climbing achievements of Slovene climbers at home and abroad. You will be acquainted with the first mountain guides, porters, hard-working peasants laying out the first mountain trails, and mountain rescuers, as well as our best modern-day alpinists.

In the Slovenian Alpine Museum, the past and the future go hand in hand. A rich collection of items with diverse historical stories, rich photographic and archive material, and a comprehensive professional library give the visitor the chance to grasp the popularity and importance of the mountaineering activity in the Slovenian territory.

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