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Located in Ljubljana’s Old Town, the Glej Theatre (Gledališče Glej; »Glej« meaning »watch!« or »look!«) is Slovenia’s oldest independent theatre founded in 1970. Glej, as an experimental venue and production house, is renowned for its unconventional theatre performances and for constantly researching new artistic approaches within its unique black box ambient.

Ivica Buljan 2020

Glej, which first emerged under the name “Experimental theatre Glej”, was initially a response to the need for an alternative space for independent theatrical productions in Ljubljana. It was founded by a group of directors – who were inspired by the evolving experimental theatre approaches and who also introduced them into the Slovene space. During the 1980s, the theatre slowly moved away from radical experimental production. However, it retained its main orientation towards emerging and innovative authors able to offer new aesthetics and emphases. In the coming decades, it collaborated with a number of (still influential) directors and authors.

A rather small place in the old city centre, Glej has profiled itself as an alternative theatre of a diverse nature, setting up “devised theatre” alongside classical dramatic works, puppetry and even dance performances. It fosters numerous collaborations with Slovene as well as international organisations and often lends its premises for various independent artistic productions and festivals. Its challenging performances are frequently invited to international festivals, collecting several awards.


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