Throughout the second decade of the 20th century, Ivan Meštrović bought plots in the area of Meje, the western part of Split, with the intention of building his future residence. Construction works began at the end of the 1920s. For this representative architectural structure Ivan Meštrović, the alpha and omega of the idea of the project, collaborated with architect Lavoslav Horvat and for the construction of the building project with Harold Bilinić and construction entrepreneur Marin Marasović, the head of the performance of the entire structure.


The villa in Meje was the favourite residence of Ivan Meštrović and his family since the summer of 1932, but despite the artist’s desire, it did not become his permanent residence. In April 1941, on the occasion of the death of Marta Meštrović, Ivan’s mother, the family gathered there for the last time. They were caught by the Italian occupation of the city. The permanent setting follows the spatial-thematic definitions. The central hall on the ground floor is decorated as a representative entrance space. It mostly holds marble sculptures. The dining room has kept the original character of the artist’s home. It contains Meštrović’s furniture, several paintings and bronze portraits of family members.

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