The tourist village Vuglec Breg is the result of the creative and romantic vision of the Vuglec family. The Vuglec family’s aim was to convert the heritage of their ancestors into lasting value. They were guided by the desire to create a unique ambience suited for a pleasant experience and complete enjoyment in the natural environment of Zagorje, a magnificently beautiful region of Croatia. The estate stretches over an area of 12 hectares and from the peak of the hill, which is at about 300 metres above sea level one can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding hills dotted with houses, cottages and churches.

The renovated Vuglec Breg comprises a number of autochthonous houses (hiža) converted into accommodation for tourists, an old building which holds the restaurant, a wine cellar and a seminar hall. Right by the restaurant and along the first vineyard rows there is a pergola with a BBQ, a bread oven and a summer terrace.


The success of every event we organize is guaranteed by the tranquil location of Vuglec Breg not far from urban centres. Years of experience and professional approach ensure the highest quality of their service. The wine cellar Vuglec Bregwas established in 2003 as an important feature of our rural tourism offer. On the southern slopes of the hill, where there used to stand the remains of the abandoned vineyards, 16000 new, high-quality grape-vines have been planted. The new vineyard occupies an area of about 4 hectares.


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