Suntec Singapore and INCON partnership
Photo credits: INCON,

INCON the partnership of the world’s leading conference organisers and association management companies is expanding with the inclusion of Suntec Singapore as a preferred supplier.

Suntec Singapore is one of the world’s leading conference and exhibition centres and we are delighted that they are aligning with our group. INCON develops strategic alliances with likeminded industry leaders and we aim to strengthen these relationships through the INCON Preferred Supplier Program.

Suntec Singapore is a state-of-the-art venue which attracts many international conferences, trade & consumer shows, and technology & lifestyle events. The venue is recognised for its superior technology framework, free WIFI and digital touchpoints. It offers 42,000m2 of customisable space, an award-winning culinary team, and a dedicated team of service professionals. The venue also offers access to 5,200 hotel rooms, 1,000 retail shops & 300 restaurants in the vicinity.

Patrizia Buongiorno, INCON Co-Chair and VP at AIM Group International remarked “we are delighted to welcome Suntec Singapore to the INCON partnership. Bringing together the leading conference organisers and association management companies together with the world’s best conference centre is where magic happens as we exchange knowledge, experience and best practice”.

Bibiana Lau

Senior Director, Sales at Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center, SUNTEC

“I have known INCON for many years and have worked with many of the leaders in the partnership. It is a great opportunity to build on these relationships through this agreement. We will work with INCON to explore, review and brainstorm ways to increase the steady stream of international congress to Suntec Singapore. We hope the partnership will be a win-win for our centre and for the INCON partner companies.”

Bibiana Lau, Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center, SUNTEC
Photo credits: INCON,

INCON’s objective is to profile each of the partner companies, share best practice, knowledge and experience and drive thought leadership in event trends. Our partners operate in 170 destinations employ 4,000 staff and organise annually 10,000 projects. We have the opportunity to serve 1.2 million delegates around the world and manage budgets in excess of €1 billion.