Cankarjev dom - Grand Reception Hall
Photo credit: Cankarjev dom - CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

Slovenia will between 15 and 20 November 2020 host the International Battery Association’s conference IBA2020. Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana will provide information through its Conference Secretariat as well as the accommodation and delegate Registration Office. IBA2020 will host around 300 experts from around the world.

International Battery Materials Association (IBA) is a registered nonprofit which fosters and promotes science and technology of batteries and related electrochemical energy storage systems on all levels. Scientific meetings, like IBA2020 that will take place in Slovenia in collaboration with Slovenia’s central conference venue, the Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana, act as a premier platform for interested individuals, groups, institutions and corporations that are devoted to the IBA vision.

The conference will include IBA award ceremony. Each year with an IBA meeting the IBA does award outstanding research and engagement that have impacted the advancement of electrochemical energy storage. IBA through its work and awards honors outstanding research and technology development achievements, as well as extraordinary engagement.

IBA’s vision is a future where electrochemical energy storage and in particular batteries will have a key role in all energy-dependent sectors, such as mobility, industry, agriculture, buildings, and other sectors. In this future, batteries can be tailored for all demands, are highly efficient, cost-effective and sustainable and thus affordable and available to all societal groups and individuals. A perfect vision for the safe and effective energy source in the future after the recent Corona crisis.