Russia Dacha is a beautiful suburban villa in Gameljne near Ljubljana. In 2011 it was declared a protected cultural heritage by the municipality of Ljubljana. The villa was in very poor condition at the time, even in danger of collapse. In 2016 it was purchased at an auction by an entrepreneur, who recognized the uniqueness of this extraordinary villa and value and richness of the stories it has been hiding for over 100 years. It underwent a transformation from a dilapidated building into a real beauty. Today, Russian Dacha is the most authentic and complete representation of the life of a wealthy merchant family in Slovenia in the years before the First World War. It was restored in Russian style in 1908 by its then-owner Franc Petrič, a rich merchant and landlord in Ljubljana. It is now a completely new, different and therefore very interesting touristic, historical and cultural location, linking the past and the present.


For business and private occasions

The villa is now open for sightseeing. With carefully selected furniture from the time of Petrič’s family in 1908. It is also a venue for various culinary or social experiences, be it business and or private. The villa is suitable for business meetings and gatherings of up to 10 people, for formal occasions, various presentations, special lunches or dinners, family anniversaries and celebrations, and a variety of other exceptional occasions. It has about 180 m2 on three floors. If rented as a whole, it can accommodate up to 6 people in three separate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.


Imperial Dinner

While the villa is most suitable for small groups, the pavilion and garden can cater for much larger private and business events. In the pavilion, there can be banquets for up to 30 people, conference events for up to 60 and receptions for about 80 guests. On the other side of the villa, there is a summer garden with a similar capacity.

At the Russian Dacha, you can always have coffee or tea and a dessert unique to the villa. Lunches and dinners for special events are in the able hands of a team of culinary masters of Cubo, a leading restaurant from Ljubljana. A special experience is the Imperial Dinner. The Imperial Dinner is a theatrical and culinary event, in which a five-course dinner is combined with a live theatre performance. On 2 December 1908, there was a banquet in Ljubljana in honour of the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph. Dinner is set in the year 1915 and is hosted by the then owner of the villa, Franc Petrič with his family. He is portrayed by a renowned actor Jernej Kuntner.


Traditional Russian spa for health and relaxation
Russian Dacha would be much less Russian if it did not also have at its disposal the famous Russian spa, which doctors still call “the factory of health”. The temperature in the bath causes sweating, making it easier for the kidneys to work. In addition, steam promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, improves gastrointestinal function and eliminates toxins from the body. A Russian spa is also a place for socializing, board games and weaving friendly ties.


Ruska dača, turizem, d.o.o.
Škrjančevo 1
1235 Radomlje

T: +386 590 747 93


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