HZJZ (Croatian Institute of Public Health) has announced new recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 infection during events and gatherings. The recommendations came with an appropriate epidemiological framework for holding private and business gatherings and new numbers of the allowed number of participants. Indoor venues can now host up to 300 people, whereas up to 500 people are allowed at an outdoor event.

The first announcement, accompanying the loosening of regulations pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, allowed for events of up to 100 participants indoors and 300 participants outdoors. As part of the alleviated regulations these numbers were now increased, with an emphasis on the fact that the numbers are subject to change in accordance with the results of the situation analysis and continuous epidemiological assessments of the condition.

Along with the new allowed number of participants at events, the new document also includes general guidelines such as enhanced personal hygiene, maintaining distance between people and the use of masks for people at risk of developing a more severe version of COVID-19. One of the requirements for the event venue is providing 4 square metres of space per person. An addition to the recommendation of maintaining physical distance of 1.5 metres between people was that this doesn’t have to be applied to members of the same household or persons who are normally in close contact.

Recommendations for catering activities

New recommendations and guidelines for food preparation services and catering activities were also issued. Contrary to the recommendations for event organizers, caterers will have to abide to a timeline of the allowed number of people in the areas where food is served. Thus, as of 27 May, 100 people are allowed indoors and 150 people outdoors. As of 15 June, 200 people will be allowed indoors and 250 people outdoors, and as of July 1, 300 people will be able to eat inside at one time and 500 people outside. The general recommendations for catering are also more extensive and include additional recommendations on visible notices, hand disinfection and protective gloves. The guidelines for work organization, serving food and beverages, as well as space hygiene and the disinfection of equipment are explained in more detail.