Regent Porto Montenegro
Photo credit: Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

After a prolonged period of staying at home, most of us are ready for a trip across the border. Most countries have already started relaxing their border crossing policies and it is once again possible to visit our favorite foreign destinations. Montenegro is one of the countries that hasn’t been too affected by the pandemic and has already opened its borders to tourists from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Greece. The country is expecting people who are eager to travel, and Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is ready to accommodate tourists as it is opening its doors with the beginning of June.

Montenegro is one of the few destinations that can declare itself coronavirus-free. The country hasn’t had a single registered COVID-19 case as of 24 May. Without the threat of the virus, the Airports of Montenegro are already open for private planes and regular air transport is expected to be established soon as well.

Kai Dieckmann, General Manager of Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

“The announcement of the opening of borders is exceptional news and we are looking forward to the decline in the number of patients in other countries and for them to also open their borders in the near future. We plan to welcome our first guests in the first week of June, and the exact opening date will be announced soon.”

Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is following the set health guidelines and has amplified its maintenance and hygiene measures. Kai Dieckmann explains “Belonging to the renowned Regent Hotels & Resorts hotel chain, i.e. IHG group, obliges us to continuously apply extremely high international standards of hygiene, maintenance and disinfection, as well as the rules, regulations and laws of Montenegro in these areas. We will improve the existing norms and insist on a new level of health protection for visitors, guests and employees with the use of protective equipment (masks, gloves and disinfectants) that will be available at every step within the hotel. We apply the prescribed measures of the National Coordination Team and each new measure will be implemented consistently.”