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Q: What was the inspiration behind the green event?

For each event planner, the creative process in planning and organizing events is a special challenge for several reasons. In addition to the fact that it is important to harmonize real possibilities with the ideas that are born and work on “restraining” creativity, due to the budget fit, time, space and other limitations that may occur, it is this “creativity” that leaves the greatest impression on the client, participants and guests of the event. There is a saying: “People will forget what you said or did, but they will not forget how they felt.” That is why the client’s trust is crucial.

In the organization of this team building, the inspiration was given by the theme of the event itself. Every year, our client organizes a teambuilding that brings together its employees and partners from the region (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania), and the theme this year was the company’s eco-friendly standards. The whole creative-inspiring process went in that direction, so the goal was to organize an event with as many “green” moments as possible.

"Freedom is only possible when you enjoy trust from the client"

Q: Did you work based on specific wishes from the client or were you free to come up with your own ideas?

In the event organization industry, all the links are equally important. Teamwork is crucial because without it there is no successful event. The client gave us guidelines in which we should move, and we elaborated, supplemented and fitted them together. Of course, the organizational part was only our part of the job, but when we talk about ideas and creative work, we had complete freedom to suggest our own ideas. This is only possible if you enjoy the great trust of the client.

Q: How long did it take from the first brainstorming session to the final realization of the idea?

The planning of the whole event took almost four months. During that time, we thoroughly, together with the client, worked on harmonizing the ideas and proposals that came from both sides. We listened carefully and followed the changes, that sometimes happened on a daily basis, because the organization of such a large event means exactly that, especially when you have participants and guests who come from different countries.

"We are all part of one bigger picture, but everyone is unique, different and special – just like puzzle pieces"

Q: The idea to build around puzzles was inspired. Can you elaborate on how it came together? 

We see the event as an image that is composed of many parts – organization, teamwork, creative process, mutual communication of all of us who are involved in planning. As the ideas and suggestions came together, we put together the whole picture of the event. Just like when you put together a puzzle. And that’s exactly where the idea with the ID cards came from. We are all part of one bigger picture, but everyone is unique, different and special. That is why we decided not to make ordinary, standard ID cards with the first and last name of the participant, but to make them in the form of puzzle that will eventually be assembled and give the final result. And of course, in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, they are made from recyclable materials. It was also necessary to think of the way in which they would be tied around the necks of the participants in the event. As plastic tapes were out of the question, the option was to use rope, but it turned out that, due to its rough structure, it could give a feeling of scratching and discomfort. Again, through the brainstorming process with colleagues and the client, we came up with the idea of ​​using dyed, natural wool that is recyclable.

So, one side of the ID card held the name, the country from which the participants came from and the number, and the other side was part of the picture. The idea was that everyone, upon arrival at the event, gets only a puzzle with their name without explaining why it is a puzzle and why each has a certain number. And then, at the end of the event, on a large cardboard construction, they were supposed to stick their ID puzzle card so that all participants would jointly form the whole picture. But, of course, the participants found out about the whole plan only at the very end of the event :)

A cardboard construction with numbered places for puzzles was put in the hall at the end of the event, as planned, so it was only then clear to the participants why their ID cards were actually in that shape. Everyone placed their card on the corresponding number, peeling off the double-sided tape from the construction. In the planning process, one question arose – what to do with the waste of the double-sided tape and the wool that had to be separated from the puzzle? For that, two special waste bins were set up with a symbol of which type of waste is disposed of there – one for plastic and the other for biomaterials. 

The final image, when all the puzzles were assembled, was in line with the whole eco-friendly idea.

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