Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) continues its webinar programme on Friday next, 26 June, 10am Chicago | 4pm London | 11pm Singapore with a conversation between SITE’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pádraic Gilligan, CIS, CITP and Dr Rick Garlick, Vice President, Strategy Consultant at Magid. Reviewing a raft of recent research on the impact of Coronavirus on our industry, the conversation will focus on lessons and outcomes, asking how incentive travel professionals can adapt to the new normal.

“I’m particularly delighted to have Dr Rick Garlick as our expert speaker for this webinar. Rick is immersed in the Business Events industry and, through his previous work with SITE, really understands our niche. Three months into Covid-19 some future scenarios are beginning to crystallize, setting out, perhaps, the early indications of what recovery might look like and how our industry can adapt. The research that Dr Garlick and others have been conducting can help us discern best next steps. This is truly a webinar you don’t want to miss”. Pádraic Gilligan, CIS, CITP, Chief Marketing Officer, SITE.


“This latest SITE webinar could not be more timely or appropriate. As the incentive industry begins to draw itself into the light at the end of the tunnel, this webinar provides concrete data to help direct us. This webinar series has always strived to create content that is useful and relevant for both SITE members and the industry at large, and I know that this conversation will help so many of us prepare for changes post Covid-19.” Jenn Glynn, CIS, CITP, President of SITE Global.

Register here to join Rick and Pádraic for this wide ranging exploration into what recent consumer research is telling us about incentive travel and Covid-19.

Dr. Garlick leads the research efforts for the Incentive Research Foundation’s signature studies and has a history working with SITE, MPI, and HSMAI in various research and consulting roles. He expresses his enthusiasm to share this new research.

“I’m excited to discuss this new data with SITE. It’s been fascinating to track changing travel attitudes throughout this pandemic and it’s hugely insightful. We have a lot of benchmarking data on brand trust and how health and safety protocols may impact the incentive travel experience. It’s fascinating food for thought and will raise some key points and questions for incentive travel planners moving forward.” Dr. Rick Garlick, Vice President Strategy Consultant, Magid.