In the first open type micro-distillery in Belgrade, rakija is being produced while respecting the traditional procedures of double distillation in small copper stills, combining it with innovative mixtures of flavours, recreating the idea of Serbian traditional drink. Belgrade Urban Distillery offers a possibility of creating your own rakia blend and become a client of the cheerful Serbian bank. A mixture of distillate by your choice will be placed in 50, 100 or 220 litre barrels and after filling the barrel, you will seal it and the Bank will preserve it for you until a certain date. The barrel is always at your disposal, considering that Belgrade Urban Distillery is the first open-spaced distillery in Serbia.


The Belgrade Urban Distillery is suitable for hosting corporate events, smaller conferences or private events for up to 50 people. The event can be combined with a rakia tour – Visiting two locations – the Rakia Bar and Distillery. The pedestrian tour starts from Rakia Bar in Dobračina 5. The rakia-tasting tour consists of a tasting of 5 rakijas with adequate mezze (traditional Serbian snacks) and a lecture about rakija.


Belgrade Urban Distillery
Žorža Klemansoa 19, Dorćol
Belgrade, Serbia

T: +381 (0) 60 3286 119