The characteristics of the climate give music and wine its character, just as the sounds of tambourine players are a part of the life and the sounds of the legendary Zvonko Bogdan. Over the years the philosophy of his songs became infused with the philosophy of his wines, so his name that is now a synonym for a superb musical experience has naturally been transferred to his wines. The dream estate that is home to these wines is located on the eastern shore of Lake Palić and on ideal sites for fine wine production. In his quest for perfection, he has made what is probably one of the best-equipped wineries in the entire Balkans.


The designers of the complex worked on sustainability and the modern culture of pleasure in delivering a modern and functional appearance that dispenses with all the clichés of Pannonian pleasure. In addition to the main venue, which can accommodate up to 300 guests, we were impressed by a tasting room rounded off with a library. The glass wall gives it a modern feel, while the wine barrels are set as a part of the scenery. The terrace and numerous outdoor locations perfect for dining among the vines are also great venues for events. Immediately beyond the entrance area, one can also find a conference room for 60 people. The junction of the modern and traditional, with antiques and high-quality pictures, is impressive and the true sense of nostalgia makes for a home away from home. You will also get the feeling that there is nothing standing between you and the beautiful vineyards beyond.


Zvonko Bogdan Winery
Kanjiški put 45, Palić
Subotica, Serbia

T: 024 415 02 75