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“Live” experiences remain irreplaceable but the digital course supports business development

Ecomondo and Key Energy digital edition 2020 also confirmed the success of the bilingual technological platform planned and designed by IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, a course already undertaken at the end of 2019 and which the world scenario, conditioned by the Coronavirus, accelerated in a format able to exploit professional networking by “users” from all over the world.

CEO Corrado Peraboni says, “A platform conceived to complete and enrich the offer of Italian Exhibition Group’s international expos, but which, due to the restrictions imposed by the government’s recent decrees, was launched testing two ‘full-digital’ expos. The project was adopted in a few days, on the very eve of the expos: from the management of a “hybrid” expo experience to the definition of a format for the complete online exploitation of business and cultural contents.”

Peraboni concludes, “Live experiences remain irreplaceable, but the technological power available is able to exalt enterprises’ innovation and creativity, naturally always starting from the organizational commercial and marketing elements, which rapidly see and interpret trends and new demand. We are on the digital course for multiplying business, but with the helm still firmly set on live expos.”

Photo Credit: IEG Group

IEG digital manager Simone Zaccherini explains, “We used three launching pads for the platform: one for visitors, who navigated among the expos’ contents, facilitated by personalized suggestions that the project’s artificial intelligence contributed to preparing; a second for exhibitors, providing them with the opportunity of being identified by interlocutors who were potentially the most suited to receiving their commercial proposals in multimedia form; the third completely orientated towards cutting edge innovation, with a journey into the future of green technology. The result was 400 companies active out of the 735 involved; 21,000 users active between the 3rd and the 15th November; 33,897 participants in the 140 events on the program, able to be followed live and later on-demand.”

Profiling supply and demand enabled to explore all the potentially interesting proposals online, schedule An agenda of meetings, hold reserved chats and video chats to discuss the contents in-depth, as well as limiting one’s digital visit to selected product clusters.