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InstaText was recently named Slovenian start-up of the year 2020. InstaText is a user-friendly writing and editing tool that focuses on rewriting your text so that you are understood and perceived as a professional. InstaText improves styling and word choice, corrects grammatical errors, and enriches your content to make it more readable and understandable.

The company is involved in the development of automated text enhancement services in various languages using the knowledge of Artificial intelligence and so on. The international team consists of top experts in artificial intelligence, language technologies, natural language processing and software development. The initial idea came from Dr. Matej Guid, a Slovenian expert in the field of artificial intelligence and assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana, while Dr. Marcus Hassler, an expert in the field of language technologies from Austria, also plays an important role in the development of the text improvement technology.

Improving English texts made easier

According to Dr. Matej Guid effective use of InstaText involves making intelligent decisions on which proposals to accept and which to reject. The new user interface takes usability to the next level and makes working with the tool faster and more efficient. The interface is kinda similar to the one Google Translate or Grammarly uses. Simple yet very much user friendly. InstaText is the perfect personal writing assistant that rewrites your texts as a true native speaker would. In a matter of seconds, that is. InstaText goes far beyond the correction of your grammar, spelling and punctuation. If necessary, the sentences will be completely rewritten and improvements will be suggested as a result of the broader context of the topic. Your text will look way more professional using the platform InstaText.

Slovenian startup InstaText is a revolutionary innovation that goes far beyond the correction of grammar, spelling and punctuation. The innovative online platform is intended for all who use written language in their professional communication, including those working at international companies, translation agencies, public relations agencies, law offices, government institutions, and press agencies, as well as professional authors and individuals involved in academic writing. In just the first three months of launching the InstaText online platform, it gained more than 5,000 active users from over 50 countries.

Connecting Artificial Intelligence to bring you better results

InstaText helps you to write clearly and accurately and to produce high quality and efficient sentences. One of the benefits that InstaText users so often praise is generating ideas. You will immediately receive recommendations and ideas on how to improve your text.

Matej Guid

CEO and Founder of InstaText

CEO and Founder Matej Guid, InstaText connects the knowledge and development of Artificial Intelligence. “The major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence that enabled the development of our text enhancement technology took place between 2015 and 2018. During this period we witnessed the rise of Deep Learning and some groundbreaking technologies such as AlphaZero. These technologies enabled much more powerful writing enhancement software.”

“InstaText is based on the idea that we can rewrite the entire text as if it had been written by a native speaker. It generates ideas and suggestions on how to write better, and the program often does this in a way that we can experience as very creative. In a way, it is a demonstration of computer-aided creativity. This should actually be one of the greatest virtues of man, but now we can see that AI can also become very creative when it comes to written communication.”

Photo Credit: The Slovenia

The connection between InstaText and AI was made easier as Slovenia is advancing in the research field of AI. UNESCO recently approved the opening of the International Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) in Ljubljana, which is another sign that Slovenia is one of the most advanced countries in the field of artificial intelligence. The beginnings of artificial intelligence in Slovenia date back to the early 1970s. In recent decades, the Jožef Stefan Institute and the University of Ljubljana have produced several world-renowned AI researchers and outstanding AI projects. Artificial intelligence has a long tradition in Slovenia, and this is the main reason why Slovenia is a country that probably has the most AI researchers per capita.

InstaText focuses on rewriting a text for better understanding and readability. The aim is to simulate a native speaker who will help you improve your writing skills. InstaText supports a semantically meaningful difference visualization.