The meetings industry is full of stories that are waiting to be written

Content marketing is considered to be the heart and the fuel of modern digital marketing. Its importance has become especially clear now when we are trying to exit the Corona crisis. Rather than generic information about destinations, meeting planners want to know about ways that destinations can solve their problems. This is also why we often say that content is the most used, reused, misused, and abused word in marketing. Such situations are a challenge for our team to make content marketing more valuable and effective and shine a light on this subject from various perspectives.

Toleranca Marketing’s research department was entrusted with carrying out the research in two phases:

Phase 1: Content analysis on the websites of 135 meeting destinations

Phase 2: Online survey completed by 63 convention bureaus

We were positively surprised by the reactions of the destinations. Out of 135 destinations invited to participate in the research, 47.67% of them responded, which represents a statistically credible sample.

By conducting the research, we wanted to examine whether our thesis “More Content – More Contracts” is true. Whether good content sells, if it is important for digital marketing, what it means to have good content marketing on social media, how to measure results and what are the best-case examples. Furthermore, the research provided answers to a whole series of new questions that we will share with the community.

The research showed that there is room for improvement when it comes to the content marketing of congress destinations. More than half of meeting destinations (55.6%) do not use content marketing, although they are aware of its importance (92.1%).

Furthermore, the research proved that content marketing is often equated with writing texts and social media management, which is far from the truth. Some time ago, we were able to live decently with a simple website. Today, however, the holistic user experience through the use of all channels is crucial. The positive news of the research is that destinations using content marketing effectively are highly successful and are ranked as the best on numerous lists.


Can you still afford a life without content marketing?


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