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Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel is nestled between a grand shopping complex named Diamond of Skopje and its adjacent facilities. The shopping centre comprises business and residential buildings, parking spaces and the luxury Limak Hotel. Turkish corporation Limak invested 250 million EUR into the new complex. They are famed for several large-scale projects, including new airports in Istanbul and Kuwait. Now in the final construction phase, the entire complex is set to become functional by summer. Located in the city centre, Diamond of Skopje will undoubtedly become one of the city’s hotspots upon opening. The investors made a cunning and logical choice to place the hotel amid a shopping centre in the city centre, as the additional offer will attract even more guests.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel


The hotel sits next to a former train station, almost entirely demolished in a catastrophic earthquake that shook Skopje in 1963. The new train and public transport stations are close. A bus stop is only a street away. The airport is 17 kilometres away or roughly twenty minutes by car. Guests can opt for a well-organised shuttle bus to reach the airport. The latter service has played an indispensable role in developing tourism. We have no doubts that the number of international guests visiting the city will increase, particularly visitors from Turkey, as the investors will likely ensure Skopje has even better air connections to Turkey. If you are up for walking, we recommend exploring the city on foot. All major attractions are nearby, and the eclectic streets of Skopje are waiting to be discovered. Guests arriving by car can expect to park in a spacious underground parking house.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel

COLD STARTER - Architecture and aesthetics

A vast shopping centre with two residential towers dominates this part of the city. It seems as if the towering buildings outshine the hotel on the south side of Skopje. That is why the otherwise solid functional hotel architecture will likely stay in the shadow of its neighbouring buildings. The monumental hotel architecture boasts almost no eye-catching elements, apart from the square roof above the conference centre and Sky Bar on the top floor. Within the hotel, the interior is typical of five-star hotels, featuring a monolithic, refined luxury style with numerous trendy brass elements. It seemed the designers aimed to create a timeless hotel style. Still, we believe they could have used more prestigious materials to achieve that. Guests leave with the impression that the owners rushed to open the hotel. Several discrepancies in design spoil the overall good first impression.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel

WARM ENTRÉE - The staff and the culinary experience

The receptionist welcomed us with kindness and professionality. She and the rest of the staff deserve praise. Every superb hotel relies on professional staff, and Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel is no exception. Breakfast in Restaurant Clover meets all expectations guests have of a five-star hotel. The breakfast room is inviting and airy, while the terrace prompts guests to admire the views of the green hills nearby. The selection of dishes is diverse, and assorted vegetables top the list. We were impressed by the variety of bread, including fantastic local pastry. The front cooking show added pomp to the gastronomical experience, as the staff was kind, and the space was alluring. We only have a tiny remark regarding the coffee machine, which could have been better. But guests can always order a proper espresso in the adjoining bar that is a part of the restaurant. We relished the excellent coffee in Crocus Bar just as much as we enjoyed the original and eye-catching desserts. Although we did not try the cuisine in the hotel restaurant, guests lauded the superb cuisine.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel

MAIN COURSE – The meetings offering at the hotel

Hotel rooms

The room we stayed in belongs to the Deluxe category. With plenty of space, the room’s trump card is the designer bed, embellished by a wall painting behind it. The classic pastel-coloured walls paired with walnut-coloured furniture appear pleasant. On the other hand, the wooden laminate floor is slightly uncomfortable to walk on. A standard bathroom does not exceed expectations and lacks underfloor heating. The room does feature an admirable designer work desk and a cosy lounger. When selecting the rooms, make sure to book one on the upper floors, as views of the construction site opposite the hotel slightly spoil the final impression.

Meetings centre

The conference centre with panoramic views adds value to the hotel. Among seven halls, the largest one can be divided into three separate rooms. The crown jewel of the conference offer, Limra Hall can capacitate up to 640 attendees in a theatre setting and 550 in a banquet setting. It has become particularly favoured among wedding organisers. The Sky Lounge Bar enriches the meeting offer. It is a place where event organisers can host after-parties and other social events. The conference offer is undoubtedly world-class, and we highly recommend it.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel
Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel

DESSERT – The extras

A smaller spa centre was impressive, even though it could do with a pool. Still, the exceptional hammam and a broad selection of massage therapies compensated for the drawback.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel


Several inconsistencies in the design prove the owners rushed the project. However, we believe the management will quickly resolve the problems, such as pieces of hanging wallpaper etc.


The utterly inviting restaurant was fantastic because of its spaciousness and interior design. Located on the fourth floor, the restaurant overlooks the stunning Vodno Mountain. We can easily imagine the event as a venue for conference dinners, parties or welcome receptions.


The hotel neither pointed our attention to any special sustainable campaigns nor implemented any sustainable measures yet. Evidently, the hotel is not focused on this segment yet.

Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel


Upon entering the hotel, guests experience genuine Turkish hospitality and kindness. Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel has already solidified its position as one of the best hotels in Skopje. Once works finish, it will shine in all its splendour. The tiny discrepancies in execution do not mar the generally good impression, and guests must consider the hotel is located amid a construction site. The guest experience is top-tier. The hotel’s greatest advantage is the vast conference centre and the main hall with a view. Any event organiser would dream of hosting an event here, and if you wish to host your event near the city centre in Skopje, this is the ideal hotel. Considering the affordable price for hosting an event here, the decision is straightforward. That factor plays a decisive role in light of the rising prices of meeting halls in European capitals.

FINAL GRADE: 4.82 GOLD City Meeting Hotel 

GOLD final score from 4.81 to 5.00
SILVER final score from 4.61 to 4.80
BRONZE final score from 4.41 to 4.60

MEETINGS STAR City Meeting Hotel
STANDARD Congress Hotel
NUMBER OF ROOMS 142 rooms (rooms, suites)
INTERNET PRICE130 – 225 EUR (single use) / Booking, April 2023
ADDRESS:Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel
Zeleznicka no. 31
Skopje, North Macedonia

T: +38925518100

  • Restaurant Clover
  • Sky Lounge Bar
  • Crocus Bar
  • Chiva Spa & Fitness
  • Conference Centre
  • Parking Garage
SPECIALS The Sky Lounge Bar is a one-off venue within the hotel that boasts a terrace with views of the lush greenery of Vodno Hills. It serves as a unique setting for parties, receptions and gala events.
Photo Credit: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel
1. LOCATION 4.95
4. LOBBY4.81
6.  RECEPTION 4.80
7.  HOTEL ROOM 4.68
8.  HOTEL BED 4.84
TOTAL:   4.82

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