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The eighth edition of Conventa Crossover will again take place in Ljubljana between 28 and 29 August 2023. The esteemed regional event for professional event organisers and all creative minds will host 150 participants. After two years of being organised concurrently with the Conventa trade show, Conventa Crossover will once more take place as a separate event in Cankarjev dom.

Since the first edition, Conventa Crossover has evolved and become one of the most relevant platforms for bolstering creative discourse within the meetings industry. This year’s programme will prompt speakers and attendees to seek answers about the future regenerative role of events. An integral part of the event is Conventa Best Event Award, honouring the best regional events. Winners in eleven categories will be announced at the closing ceremony on Tuesday, 29 August 2023.

No More Boring Events 

The guiding principle of the festival is: No More Boring Events. The organisers have been following that principle when selecting the content, speakers, format and event moderator since the first edition. The organisers say this is why Conventa Crossover hosts representatives from the most distinguished European event agencies.

The central topic of this year’s Conventa Crossover is E2E (Evt2Exp) – from boring events to immersive experiences. Both speakers and attendees will focus on creating better events and transforming them into immersive experiences in person, digitally and in the metaverse. Conventa Crossover will also shine a light on the lasting sustainable legacy of events.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

Gorazd Čad

The co-founder of Conventa

Gorazd Čad, the co-founder of Conventa, elaborated on the concept of the eighth edition: “Events are a universal language understood by everyone around the world. They foster development but, more importantly, help shape the future. Events are an effective tool for personal growth, as they help establish dialogue and contribute to the positive development of the meetings industry. Event organisers thus have a great responsibility towards the attendees, society, environment and coworkers. We have envisaged Crossover as a Future Lab where bold ideas, success stories, and the seemingly disconnected will take centre stage.”

The organisers decided to connect the three main topics of the event and build on last year’s themes:


Participants will hear about practical examples of avoiding Mr. Murphy at events, how to change boring events into inspiring, interactive and quality experiences and why great content is a prerequisite for the success of an event. Attendees will also learn about creating inspiring content, achieving measurable ROI and ROE for attendees and organisers, and transforming a passive audience into an engaged crowd by moderation techniques. Speakers will discuss why preparing for an event is integral and why event organisers must put 16 hours of preparation into one hour of the programme.

An inspiring programme with a focus on regeneration

In addition, speakers will reveal how to listen and understand what attendees expect, think and feel. In light of the event’s sustainable agenda, the programme will include sessions on organising events with minimal carbon footprint events, and lectures on the regenerative effects of events and measuring their results. Attendees will discover numerous methods and techniques to help them organise future events.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

Novelties in 2023

The organisers have announced the following novelties and highlights of this year’s festival:

Crossover Experience Day, 27 August 2023
Before the official opening on Sunday, attendees will discover hidden and inspiring stories in Ljubljana and its vicinity. The programme will be curated in cooperation with Ljubljana Tourism. All creative minds can take inspiration by learning about stories that have marked Ljubljana in the past and given the city a new generation of modern innovators.

Ljubljana Experience Rally, 27 August 2023
Select attendees will receive a creative itinerary, which they must complete with a minimal carbon footprint whilst solving various creative challenges. As they complete the journey, they will record intriguing videos, get acquainted with the local offer and meet key stakeholders in the meetings industry.

Presentation of finalists for the best events in New Europe, 28 August 2023
A central part of Crossover is the competition for the best events in New Europe. The presentation of projects and voting for the best events will take place on Monday, 28 August. Seeing the projects is an excellent opportunity to learn about good practice cases.

Dine Around Ljubljana, 28 August 2023
Ljubljana is becoming a regional culinary capital. Attendees will get a slice of the exceptional gastronomic offer by tasting menus at some of the hottest culinary points in Ljubljana. Select restaurants will serve attendees creative mouthwatering dishes.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

F*!#UPS at events, 29 August 2023
As event organisers say, Mr. Murphy waits behind every corner when organising events. That is why we invited event organisers who have learned from their mistakes and know how to keep a cool head in tricky situations.

Festival organisers unplugged – Ljubljana Talks, 29 August 2023
Ljubljana Talks, a talk show format, will take place in person to shine a light on the future of festivals. Leading regional festival organisers will join the talk show. Ljubljana Talks will be moderated by Jan Oršič and Gorazd Čad.

Future Lab, 29 August 2023
Crossover’s Future Lab will offer an open space co-created by attendees and “meet busters” – leading experts in event organising. A relaxed and stimulating environment will prompt attendees to adopt new outlooks and find alternative solutions using creative thinking and moderation tools.

Award ceremony for the best events, 29 August 2023
This year’s award ceremony will take place as a separate gala evening. The best event organisers in the region will walk down the green carpet to claim their deserved awards.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

The event will be moderated by Juraj Holub, one of the iconic moderators from Masters of Moderation. Juraj Holub will guarantee the event will spark engagement and fulfil the organisers’ promise: No More Boring Events. The lineup of speakers for Crossover will be announced in May.

Conventa Crossover is organised by Toleranca marketing and Conventa trade show in cooperation with Ljubljana Tourism, the Slovenian Tourist Board and the Slovenian Convention Bureau.

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