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The Queen of the Danube is a destination where visitors can spend more than 4 hours without breaking a sweat. The Hungarian capital offers several enticing incentive experiences for one or more days. Budapest always has something in store, even if you only have a few hours. At Conventa’s Try Before You Buy event in Budapest, attendees experienced four intriguing programmes in just four hours. The hands-on experience gives event organisers a taste of what to offer their attendees. Between 1 and 2 September 2023, we discovered some of the city’s most unusual event venues. The programme was organised by the Budapest Convention Bureau and UNDERGUIDE Travel and Event Experience DMC agency.

Guests can opt for a spectacular city discovery tour through a unique, interactive program, which guides them deep into Hungarian history and must-know facts from the settlement of Hungary up to life today in the capital.

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During the cc. 4-hour program, the group will cruise around Budapest by bus, while very detailed, interactive guidance, with the most fascinating stories, will entertain them.

Wow factorDid you know Hungary is one of Europe’s oldest countries?
Incentive type  Cultural experience (guided bus and walking tour)
Number of participants  Up to 20 attendees
Best time of the yearYear-round
Durationup to 4 hours
Location Budapest, Hungary
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While traversing the colourful streets of Budapest, strewn with imposing buildings from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, visitors are likely to stumble upon outlandish event venues that can host any event. We have listed a few of our favourites.

Photo Credit: Royal Riding Hall

Várkert Bazaar 

The Várkert Bazár is Budapest’s unique jewelery box where art and nature complement each other. It is a distinctive work of architecture.

Photo Credit: Royal Riding Hall

Royal Riding Hall

The authentically rebuilt Royal Guard Budapest sits at the heart of Buda Castle. It is a venue that has become renowned for its royal backdrop and is capable of hosting events for more than 200 people.

Photo Credit: Felix Kitchen & Bar

Felix Kitchen & Bar

Felix Kitchen & Bar is more than just a restaurant in the heart of Budapest: it is a full-fledged contemporary art space.

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