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The Bea World Hall of Fame rewards agencies for their creativity, innovative approach, strategic thinking, and impact, but it recognises their loyalty over the years as well. The ranking is based on the sum of points obtained for each prize won since the Best Event Awards became global, which dates back to 2017, and shows only the agencies still in activity.

Xsaga, from The Netherlands, is confirmed as the most awarded event agency since the trophy turned from European to global.

In 2nd place, climbing a full three positions from last year, is Filmmaster Events from Italy. The Oval Office from Belgium secured 3rd place.

Among other agencies rising in the ranking, the most significant progress is made by the Italian agency NEXT GROUP (+ 8) and Norwegian FIELDWORK, moving from 19th to 9th place. “We are absolutely delighted and honoured to be recognized as one of the top 30 international agencies at the BEA WORLD Festival. This acknowledgement is a testament to the hard work and creativity of our incredible team. Being part of such a prestigious list motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries and delivering exceptional experiences for our clients worldwide. Thank you for this amazing recognition!” says Øystein H Johanssen, CEO and Founding Partner of Fieldwork.

Photo: BEA World Festival

“The value of the Bea World also lies in its jury.”

“The ranking of the most awarded agencies at the Bea certifies the qualitative level of the most representative structures in the event industry and once again confirms that the Bea World is the most important international competition dedicated to the world of events,” says Salvatore Sagone, president of ADC Group and founder of the Bea World Festival. “Participating in the Bea World not only ensures a significant return in terms of image and reputation but also offers important business developments. This competition is an indispensable tool for companies, helping them make better decisions when choosing their ideal partners. The value of the Bea World also lies in its jury, mainly composed of representatives from top-spending companies in the sector, ensuring authoritative and high-quality judgment. We expect great participation in 2024, surpassing previous years, also thanks to the more favourable period for events.”

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Among the new entries in the ranking, Fischerappelt from Germany, winner of the Grand Prix, positions directly at 22nd place! “As an agency, we are constantly striving to create experiences that resonate with people and that are personally meaningful and involving for them. We are all the more proud that these efforts are also seen and recognized internationally as part of the BEA WORLD Festival. Being part of the TOP 30 makes us all the happier and is a great signal to all our clients and teams who put so much love and hard work into our projects,” says Dino Büscher, Managing Partner of Fischerappelt.

Submissions for the 19th Best Event Awards are now open to all events that took place between September 1, 2023, and September 30, 2024.

Learn more about the BEA World Festival here

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