1. Best in Travel 2015: Lithuania has been ranked third within Lonely Planet’s top ten ‘Best in Travel’ destinations for 2015.

2. UNESCO treasure: Diverse and rich in history, with a UNESCO treasure old town and the only statue of Frank Zappa in the world, the capital city Vilnius is named as a must to visit hotspot in 2015.

3. ESPNIC 2015: Vilnius will host the 26th Annual Congress of the European Society for Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care on 10-13 June, 2015 (ESPNIC 2015). It is expected to attract around 1000 participants from all over the world.

4. IDF World Dairy Summit: Will take place in Vilnius in 2015. In Baltic countries it will take place for the first time.

5. New Vilnius Congress Centre: To be reconstructed from a Former Vilnius Concerts and Sports Palace. The reconstruction project is prepared to preserve building’s cultural value and its original structure erected in 1971. Centrally located building will open its doors in few years.

6. Vilnius Tech Park: The biggest startup and game development centre in the Baltics will be launched in a prestigious and historical area of the city in the beginning of next year. The complex will fill with startup offices, meeting facilities, cafeterias, hostel and recreational areas.

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Hot-Air Ballooning Over the Old Town:
Explore many different aspects of Vilnius whilst learning about places off the usual tourist radar.Vilnius offers a truly memorable experience gliding over its charming UNESCO Old Town in a hot air balloon, something most cities simply don‘t allow.


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