INCON, the global partnership of the world’s leading conference and event companies published its latest Expert Article on the impact of Public Relations (PR) on successful Conference organisation. The article is based on a best practice case study from MECI, INCON’s Korean Partner company.

MECI managed the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in SEOUL in 2014. On top of the usual congress management, the congress team put in place a fully fledged PR strategy that surpassed everyone’s expectations. The event attracted over 250 reporters with more than 1,800 articles published about the event.

The success of MECI’s work resulted in both the event and the PCO winning the Korea Event PR Award of the Year. With 5,200 registered participants and 21,000 from the general public, SEOUL ICM 2014 is recognized as writing a new page in the history of the ICM.

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Dohyun Kim, MECI’s PR pioneer, who comes from a communications background explained:

What the case study showed us is that through a strategic PR campaign, PCOs can have a profound and lasting influence on the success and impact of an international conference. Learning from SEOUL ICM 2014, it is time for Professional Conference Organisers to go beyond the simple concept of arranging and supporting the operation of events. With innovative ideas and carefully planned strategies, PCOs can optimize and maximise the influence and impact of the events that they manage.”