Vitranc in the Sky

Date: 14. — 15. 3. 2015
Location: Kranjska gora, Vitranc CUP
Organizer: Zavarovalnica Triglav, DITS Europe Oü, Jezeršek Catering
Client:  Zavarovalnica Triglav
Event type:  Special Event, activation

Zavarovalnica Triglav Insurance Company looked for an attractive activation project during an Audi FIS SKI World Cup in Kranjska gora. Being a proud sponsor of this important skiing event in Slovenia they decided for an additional project to attract new clients. An attractive event ‘Dinner in the Sky’ came to their mind since spotted during its successful performances in Zagreb and Split. A joint business partner Jezeršek Catering connected both parties and supported the project. An outstanding ‘Dinner in the Sky’ event was created by the name Vitranc in the Sky. For 3 days during Audi FIS SKI World Cup races, Zavarovalnica Triglav guests were lifted 45 meters in the sky on a platform for 22 people. Guests were served with hot drinks and warm meals while enjoying the views of the ski arena and surrounding mountains. To participate at the event guests needed to apply online and get lucky in the prize draw.


Idea for the Dinner in the Sky set up in Kranjska gora was suggested by the client. Placing a ‘city event’ in a winter sporting environment seemed impossible in the beginning, but the overall execution was a result of joint partners’ input.


At Vitranc in the Sky in Kranjska gora, a Dinner in the Sky platform was for the first time positioned on snow. Jezeršek Catering changed the usual fine dining meal to winter circumstances and served warm tea, mulled wine and hot kaiserschmarrn. All made in a food truck TamNjam parked right by the platform which replaced a tent rent.


Setting up the crane and platform got a lot of attention already a day before the event when test lifts were also made. Prize draw winners got an entrance ticket to Vitranc Cup and a gift voucher for Vitranc in the Sky. Duration of Vitranc in the Sky was parallel to the ski race (Lifts were 20 minutes long) and clients were thrilled about the experience. A number of guests from the arena climbed up to the Vitranc in the Sky platform asking to join the lifts.

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Key challenges:
The ‘Dinner in the Sky’ platform has a number of installation demands and therefore Zavarovalnica Triglav needed to provide numerous permissions and tests. Audi FIS SKI World Cup is an international event with strict sponsors policies. This was another topic to discuss. Next to technical requirements Dinner in the Sky safety also depends on weather conditions. The platform could not be lifted in case of strong winds. Lastly, the final project result depended on the number of people participating at the event and on media coverage.

Measurable results:
Number of guests lifted at Vitranc in the Sky was 500. More lifts were executed than planed and participation exceeded client’s goals. If a prize draw winner did not attend the event, an audience member could replace him/her. Guests satisfaction was beyond all expectations and was reflected in numerous social media posts. Media coverage was very strong with three major TV crews joining the lifts. Vitranc in the Sky unexpectedly became part of evening news. It was also included in live TV screening during the competition and received compliments from the international Audi FIS SKI World Cup TV broadcasting rights holder.

Event Communication:
The event was published on all organizing partners’ websites, at their social media and promoted with e-newsletters. The goal of this activation was to reach new clients. Joint campaign resulted in an outstanding total reach. 3.500 individuals applied to enter the prize draw. Vitranc in the Sky platform was branded with Zavarovalnica Triglav logos. It was a smart message to place an insurance company in an environment at extreme height where trust and safety were the most important objectives.

After Event: Sustainable solution
All customer communication was online. Tickets and gift vouchers were given to clients in Kranjska gora at a Zavarovalnica Triglav info point. Minimum waste was produced by using a food truck for catering purposes and all food & beverage packaging was 100% biodegradable. Zavarovalnica Triglav’s post event communication with clients was also online.


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