Zavarovalnica Triglav New Year's Concert

Date: 6. 12. 2014
Location: CD Congress Centre Ljubljana
Organizer: AVI – event agency, Atelje Japelj — set design and decoration, Jezeršek Catering
Client:  Zavarovalnica Triglav
Event type:  Corporate event

An annual event of the biggest Slovenian insurance company, invited the most important clients to attend an extraordinary festive concert. They gathered during aperitif hour and jointly entered the concert hall. After a 75 minutes concert all guests were greeted by outstanding evening reception with attractive food stations in two floors. The reception was standing and ambiance set up to encourage the guests to network and move freely. All parts of the event were following a thematic concept ‘Young talents’.


The theme of the event was called ‘Young Talents’, so the ambiance, concert content, set design and catering all followed this concept. The reception set up by Atelje Japelj was in black, white and golden colours to give the venue a festive feel. It was a Christmas feel with a twist. Catering tables were decorated with large feather palms leaves that were painted gold creating a glamorous ambience. Complementary, catering used inventory, clothes and staff to match the ambiance. Food selection was made to match the high-end expectations of invitees. It was served at food stations throughout both floors to smartly encourage the flow of guests.


The event theme resulted in creating new products exclusively for this event. For the first time a concert programe included a vast number of young singers, dancers and actors. It was a celebration of their incredible talent and their bright future. During the catering reception young culinary talents were introduced.

Simona Maček, young chef, and Jurij Črnčec, sommelier, are young Jezeršek Catering coworkers who represented Slovenia at EuroSkills 2014 in France and were awarded with the »Medal of Excellence«. Guests could meet Jurij at the wine bar to test his service skills and Simona at a special food station where she was assembling a culinary masterpiece together with our renowned guest chef, Janez Bratovž. Two Jezeršek Catering children chef’s were involved in giving out Simona’s culinary creation to ad a special ‘youth feel’ to the event. The stage set up and decoration in the reception hall were designed for this event only, considering all aspects of the event’s theme.


Execution of this annual event was successful due to experiences from previous years. After many years and successful events the organisers learned how to smartly plan event timings and coordinate numerous contractors. All segments of the event ran smoothly and resulted in positive guest and client feedback.

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Key challenges:
The major challenges were creating the ambiance, a concert and the reception needed to impress the guests and match or surpass their expectations. Invitees were Zavarovalnica Triglav’s most important clients. Execution of the event could influence their attitude towards the company and influence their attendance at future events.

Measurable results:
The event was participated by 1.300 guests and clients, with a 70% higher attendance rate as in previous years. This way it matched all client’s goals. The success of the event can be measured in the following year since it reflects on customers relations and renewed cooperation.

Event Communication:
Zavarovalnica Triglav made a very selective list of invitees. Their most important clients were invited with their spouses. Concert tickets were sent to them upon their participation confirmation. The event was not publicly announced since the client wished to protect invitees’ privacy and keep the event personal. Even though no questionnaires were made after the event, the client received numerous compliments and thank you notes.

After Event: Sustainable solution
CD Congress Centre is a centrally located venue and offers good public transport options. All ambiance elements made specially for this event were stored and reused at future events. Jezeršek Catering had health and safety, sustainability, environmental and sustainable procurement policies in place.

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