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Meetings are no longer about sitting back, listening, and leaving. True meeting potential is realised when you fully “activate” an audience, making it a community. It may be fierce action, but the results could be phenomenal.

“Make technology your friend”

Q: Do you pay attention to trends?
Absolutely, in our business it is very important to pay attention to trends, meaning not only our industry trends but trends in general. Being up to date is mandatory so you can meet your clients‘ needs and also show that you are making an effort to be the best you can be. Not to forget that our clients are getting younger and younger and millennials are becoming decision makers – it is not an option not to pay attention to the upcoming movements. It brings you the upper hand and keeps you in the market.

Q: How do you feel about technology?
Technology is one of the most handy tools in the meetings and events business. As a profession- al in the market it helps you to present to vast public; it helps the events you are involved with to have a long term effect by encouraging and empowering maximal networking.

If the web page is designed so that it is user friendly, clients instantly get a good first im- pression. The Facebook page, Linkedin profile, Instagram, YouTube – all of these are today‘s first impression. Various applications, social media tools, wonderful new gadgets…but only within the event‘s scope and the clients‘ comfort zone.
Keep it simple and relevant, look friendly but professional, make technology your friend…

How are you competitive and innovative?
I believe my competitiveness is in my 100% client-centric approach, my professionalism (backed up by industry authorities and certificates) and by the fact that I have been in the business for many years. Furthermore, by joining HelmsBriscoe I have found an easy alternative to the traditional way of planning events. With colleagues – associates in every corner of the world – my clients can now also benefit from a global reach and strong industry relationships. How innovative am I actually? This question could be answered only by my clients and my colleagues/partners. I can only say that I am making an effort to follow trends and to be the best listener, to see the events business through the eyes of the clients.


A meeting and motivational event professional located in Croatia, business meetings, educa- tional programmes, conferences, congresses and motivational events are Aleksandra’s profession and have been her everyday life for more than fifteen years. She holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Zagreb with a specialisation in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

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