Heinz Kaltschmidt

Heinz Kaltschmidt

Conferences bring about 130.000 overnights to Graz every year
QUICK TALK: Heinz Kaltschmidt, General Manager, Graz Convention Bureau

Gernot Marx


Another multi-million investments will be taken on in Salzburg
Gernot Marx, Head of Salzburg Convention Bureau

Małgorzata Przygórska-Skowron

In 2016 clients will pay attention to quality and originality
QUICK TALK: Małgorzata Przygórska-Skowron, Krakow Convention Bureau’s manager

Alijana Vukšić


Laura Favaretti


In two years we will have a brand new conference centre for up to 1,600 people in plenary style
QUICK TALK: Laura Favaretti, Director of Padova Terme Euganee Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Andrea Sajben

andrea sajben

People more and more think of aspects such as sustainability and regionality
QUICK TALK: Andrea Sajben, Manager of Steirmark Convention Bureau

Elpida Rekka


Athens is making a comeback to the international tourism and travel market
QUICK TALK: Elpida Rekka, Sales and Marketing Manager, City of Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ingrid Krieger & Andreas Zebisch


Linz is the home of Blue Meetings
QUICK TALK: Ingrid Krieger & Andreas Zebisch, Convention Bureau Upper Austria

Josef Rychter

Josef Rychter

A safe region within the heart of Europe
QUICK TALK: Josef Rychter, Eastern Bohemia Convention Bureau

Christian Mutschlechner

Christian Mutschlechner, Director of the Vienna Convention Bureau

We can cater for almost any type of meeting in our city
QUICK TALK: Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna Convention Bureau

Veronika Handl, Convention Bureau Tirol and Christian Mayerhofer, Congress Messe Innsbruck

Innsbruck unites sports and events with great experience
QUICK TALK: Veronika Handl, Convention Bureau Tirol and Christian Mayerhofer, Congress Messe Innsbruck

Andreas Griessler

Andreas Griessler

An individual and very personal one-stop-shop approach
QUICK TALK: Andreas Griessler, Kärnten Convention

Petr Ryšánek


“Silicon Valley“ of the Czech Republic
QUICK TALK: Petr Ryšánek, Moravia Convention Bureau

Roman Muška

Roman Muška

Prague can tell many different stories, which creates great content
QUICK TALK: Roman Muška, Prague Convention Bureau

Robert Vincze

robert, vincze

Bratislava is one of the best connected capitals in the world
Robert Vincze, Slovak Tourist Board

Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz


The harder it gets to be heard, the harder you need to work!
Ozgul Ozkan Yavuz, Istanbul Convention Bureau

Dr. Krzysztof Celuch

Content plus creativity can change the world
Mr. Dr. Krzysztof Celuch, Poland Convention Bureau

Andrey Zhukovsky


You can’t beat direct communication when it comes to attracting international meetings
Andrey Zhukovsky, Moscow Convention and Exhibition Bureau