• Name of the event: Slovak Convention Bureau Meeting in the Sky
  • Date: 27.8.2016
  • Location: Bratislava
  • Organizer: Slovak Convention Bureau
  • Client: Slovak Convention Bureau members and observers
  • Event type: Member Meeting

Q: How would you describe the event and what were the key objectives?

Slovak Convention Bureau celebrated continuous record breaking results of Slovak Tourism by organizing a meeting in the sky. The sky is a crane with a dinner room in Bratislava at the Danube banks, consisting of a luxury table that seats 22 guests, who share a unique experience whilst suspended at 50m in the air. The reasons to celebrate? The international arrivals in Slovakia in the first 4 months of the year are 24,4% over those of the same period in 2015. 2016 also featured large international congresses like the 101st World Congress of Esperanto in Nitra (1500+ pax), multiple scientific congresses in the High Tatras and Kosice, which is a great result in these emerging meetings destinations. 44 participants gathered to spend a unique business brunch 50m above Bratislava discussing MICE related topics and enjoying results of hard work. The meeting was provided by Dinner in the Sky team. A table with 22 pax was lifted 50m above ground with star chef Michal Konrad from best Slovak restaurant, the Pan-Asian Fou Zoo serving best of his expertise with 2 groups: The Big Fish (1st lift) and the Young Professionals (2nd lift). Slovak Convention Bureau members were the first guests of Dinner in the Sky Bratislava, preceding even local media celebrities in recognition of importance of MICE industry for events like Dinner in the Sky.


The key challenge was convincing people about safety and sanity of this idea. Luckily we easily managed to fill the capacities despite the summer holiday season. People with an extensive fear of heights also managed to join, creating lots of fun for the rest of the participants.


The event resulted in strong response on social media, empowering the message about Slovak Tourism success and activities of the Slovak Convention Bureau. The event interactions exceeded usual levels by 100% on LinkedIn, Twitter and content marketing pages of our partners. Slovak Convention Bureau also managed to send out a message of a leading organization in MICE. We also expressed, that we fear nothing when it comes to fun.


Dinner in the Sky appeared for the first time in Bratislava as a public attraction. Slovak Convention Bureau provided publicity for hotel chefs by offering participation on this event. SCB also provided intensive support in securing permissions for the event, thus reducing necessary overhead for minimum of time, which was welcomed very dearly by organizers.


One of the best Slovak chefs Martin Konrad prepared exciting food in quite an unnusual atmosphere with panoramic views of wonderful Bratislava. The Dinner in the Sky team provided excellent service. Members of Slovak Convention Bureau received printed agenda of the meeting.



Dinner in the Sky decided to return to Bratislava, thanks to the huge success it received. Slovak Convention Bureau was offered the right to lift it once again. The event was planned as an incentive to reward members for their hard work and celebrate Slovak Tourism results. There was a measureable increase in posts about the event and messages on social media.


We have communicated the event on our LinkedIn, Twitter and through our content marketing partners Kongres Magazine and tmf-dialogue.net. Partners of the Slovak Convention Bureau are the largest MICE hospitality providers, chain hotels, regional tourist boards and dmcs with extensive social media reach.


We understood sustainability in terms of B2B relationships with our members in context of the motto “Work Hard – Play Hard”. The feedback for this less formal, fun meeting was very positive, eventprofs felt enthusiastic and motivated.