ELVIRA KRUPIĆ, Destination Head of MICE Sales
Sava Turizem d.d., Sava Hoteli Bled
Q: What is the best part of your job?
Meeting so many different people of different professions from all round the World
Providing new ideas and solutions for different challenging events
seeing happy faces of clients when they really appreciate your professional work.

Q: What would make your job easier?
– having the ability in my destination for the investments into hotel and public infrastructure to happen faster and in greater volume
– having very good IT tools for event sales and management
– having more resources for rewarding and motivating my team.

Q: What was your best idea last year?
2016 was very successful but because of the amount of work also very stressful. My best idea was to un-plug myself totally from the world of communication, e-mails and all media during my summer holiday. I decided not to connect to the internet for the whole 2 weeks of my vacation. The re-charge of my body & soul after such a busy half of the year couldn’t’ be better!

Q: The most memorable event for you?
There were two that I will remember for a while: The PORSCHE PARADE EUROPE 2017 & the DREAM KUWAIT WEDDING.