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Escape from lock secret room

Are you a fan of mysteries and riddles, or do you like to discover bizarre uses for equally bizarre objects? Maybe you’d also relish the idea of playing the role of your favourite film character or jumping into the set of your favourite film, like Indiana Jones, SAW or The Da Vinci Code? Well then, our escape rooms will be just perfect for you, as they are absolutely loaded with fun, mystery, communication, and pressure. Have a great time with your team and enjoy an enigma-loaded experience, solving riddles to escape from our secure and locked rooms. But be careful – you’ve only got sixty minutes to make your escape! You can enjoy our rooms in several locations throughout Slovakia, including Bratislava, Nitra, Poprad and Košice.

The incentive program is available all year around.
Duration: 1 hour.
The minimum number of participants: 2.
The maximum number of participants: 5-6.


PanIQ room
Jozef Illés
T: +421 904 380 790