No electricity or Wi-Fi, just you and the elements

Leave your everyday troubles behind and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Dobratsch National Park, where you will embark on a night walk to the Hundsmarhof, an Alpine pasture inn with authentic Carinthian character. The night walk starts at a parking lot in Heiligengeist and leads the participants through the woods of the national park. But this isn’t no ordinary hike, as all mobile devices, as well as battery-powered lamps, are switched off to let you experience the night hike with all of the senses, during which the mystical mood of the winter forest around the Hundsmarhof very soon casts its spell over you – the smell of the winter forest, the fresh, cold mountain air, as well as the sounds of the animals, all suddenly take on a completely different meaning. On arriving at the Hundsmarhof you will be provided with a regional snack to regain your strength and to enjoy relaxing by the soothing campfire in a perfect ambiance. During the hike back, you can once more recall your experiences and listen to some interesting stories about the Dobratsch Nature Park.


Verein Naturpark Dobratsch
Alexander Kleinegger
9500 Villach | Klagenfurter Straße 66

Best time of the yearDecember – March
Min/max. number of participants5-15
Duration (in hours)4 hours


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