Photo credit: www.olympic.si

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia organized the fourth charity event in Ljubljana’s Grand Hotel Union. The money raised at the event is intended for the Foundation for helping athletes from socially weak environments.
In total, 60,000 Euros have been announced for the year, and currently there are 102 athletes. The OKS published the call for application in November last year, in December they examined the applications and classified around 150 applications from athletes. Each one from the list of selected will receive a monthly fee of between 40€  and 80€ if additional funds will be available by the end of the year, and when funds for this year’s call can be paid, they will increase the number of athletes who will receive the money. In the last year’s tender, 55,000 euros were initially available for this purpose, and a total of 63,000 euros were then distributed.

The gala charity event held on 21st of May was the fourth in a row, and the Olympic Committee collected 51,200 euros, which will help young athletes on their way to the realization of their dreams.