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Congress Destinations As Creative Platforms

In recent times, every media roundtable that I have been part of has included a question about where we see ourselves in five or ten years, and how competitive Slovenia is in the area of congress tourism.

6 steps to an engaging participants experience

The participants’ journey, or user experience, stems from a multitude of interactions among participants at events and their experience of the event on a rational, emotional, sensory, physical and spiritual level.

The Power Of Words

This year Kongres magazine is celebrating its twelfth anniversary. As the conceptual ‘father’ of the project, I set myself a target to build a recognised, modern publication with quality content.

Simple Questions, Complicated Answers

Yet again we stumble upon the standard deep-rooted question when it comes to meeting and event destinations. Are regional, city and national convention bureaus solely the promoters of a destination?

Festival Valley

In 2004, when the first headbanging metal lovers appeared at the confluence of the Tolminka river, even the most optimistic strategists could not imagine that their beloved Soča Valley would later be known as the Valley of Festivals.

With Great Exposure Comes Great Responsibility

We live in a time when the predominant thought is that we can solely express our opinions through social media. Having influence over people or communities is the ultimate goal of so-called influencers.

A Boring Meeting Sucks

And what is the definition of boredom at events? It is the feeling that time is crawling, and it becomes unbearably long. It is the moment when we are caught in the middle row of seats and there is no chance of escaping.