Conventa Crossover breaks down the myth of a silent minority of introverted event participants

According to experts, there are 30-50% of introvert participants at each event. The features of the introverted participants are thoughtful, introspective behaviour, fear of the unknown, shyness and resistance to networking. The key question in the events is how to balance between the participants focused on the outside with those who are oriented towards the inner world of thought and emotion. The world of events is dominated by extraverts who rarely understand the thinking of the introverts.

At the Crossover Conference, Juup Laarman – de Kanter, the leading Dutch expert in the field, will lead us into the world of introverted participants. At her workshop on Friday, 30 August 2019, you will learn what the introverts like, what they are afraid of, and how to better incorporate them into the event. Using the techniques and tools that she will present we can make the events acceptable for both types of participants.


Juup Laarman – de Kanter is a professor at Utrecht University, and she devotes a lot of professional attention to organisation of better events and to creativity. With the help of her methods and techniques, numerous events in the Netherlands have been upgraded. She also co-created the exceptional MPI Conference that took place this year in The Hague.

Book your time from 28 to 30 August 2019

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Do not miss the unique opportunity to socialize with the stars of the Crossover conference.

We recommend the lecture to all creatives and event organisers, and especially to event architects, project managers and event buyers, as well as to marketing creatives of all levels.

The event brings exceptional content, a great opportunity for networking as well as new inspirations and ideas for your projects.

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